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Ear Candle Treatment, Iridology & Nutrition #01

I often integrate the use of other therapies within a treatment, such as aromatherapy, iridology and nutritional advice to support the treatment given.

The needs of my clients are my interest and priority. If I feel that another treatment would be more beneficial to their progress then I will make appropriate suggestions ie. osteopathy, homeopathy, counselling, conventional medicine.



Thermo Auricular Therapy (Ear Candle Treatment)

Ear Candle Treatment, Iridology & Nutrition #02


What Is Iridology?

Iridology is the observation and interpretation of the markings and colours of the iris. An iridologist uses this information to assess a persons' health and possible future predispositions and establish a suitable course of treatment to help guide the client towards better health.

What Can It Detect Regarding Health?

Iridology is not a diagnosis of disease but is believed to reveal the condition of every part and organ of the body.
The iris is believed to mirror tissue changes and the level of health of the body. It is also believed to reveal body constitution, strengths, weaknesses, inherent weaknesses, emotional condition, personality traits, drug toxicity, congestion, inflammation, acidity and injury.

How Was Iridology Discovered?

The roots of iridology lie within the orthodox practice of medicine. A Hungarian physician called Dr Ignats Von Peczely, in the early 1800's, discovered the reflex relationship between the iris and the body.
When Ignats Von Peczely was 10 years old, he had caught an owl, and whilst struggling with the bird, he broke one of its legs. He noticed a black mark appear in the iris of the owl. Ignats Von Peczely kept the bird as a pet and helped nurse the owl's leg back to health. During its healing process he observed that the black mark had become overdrawn with a white film and was surrounded by white fibres. This change in the iris interested Ignats and he remembered this incident as he trained later in his life to be a Doctor.
Ignats Von Peczely worked as an internee at the college hospital where he observed the eyes of patients before and after surgery and following accidents. He gradually composed a chart of the iris relating to the body.
Much research is still being carried out on this fascinating science.

How Does It Work?

A well defined area in the iris is believed to represent each area of the body. The iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body via the brain and nervous system. The nerve fibres of the iris receive their impulses from the optic nerve, optic thalami, and spinal cord. These fibres respond to changing conditions in the body tissues, manifesting this information in the iris with certain signs and colour pigments in the corresponding location.

What Happens During An Iridology Session?

A consultation will be taken regarding your health and lifestyle details, to ensure the suitability of the treatment. You will then be seated comfortably in an upright chair. A specialised hand held magnifying torch with an inbuilt light will then be used to observe specific areas of the iris. The length of this procedure can vary depending on the area of health that is being assessed by the iridologist. At the end of the treatment a summary with recommendations relating the findings will then be discussed with you. These often include dietary or lifestyle changes.


Our diet is one of the basic foundations of our health, alongside our lifestyle and our mental and emotional wellbeing.
With a healthy and balanced diet supplying a good level of nutrients, a better level of health can then be maintained.
As part of my treatment advice, if necessary, I will include natural and simple suggestions specific to the clients needs, which may help to support their progress.

Thermo Auricular Therapy (Ear Candle Treatment)

Ear candles have been used by many cultures for thousands of years. It is an ancient therapy that has been re-established and used by many therapists today.
The benefits of using ear candles to assist health have been recognised for over 15 years and confirmed by the experience of therapists worldwide.
Thermo auricular therapy is very suitable for all ages including children.

What Happens During A Treatment?

The initial treatment will include a consultation during which details relating to your health and lifestyle are taken to ensure the suitability of the treatment. The therapist will then check the ear canal using an otoscope.
During the treatment you will lay on one side on a treatment couch, supported by a pillow and covered with a blanket for warmth and comfort. The ear candle is then placed over the entrance of the exposed ear and lit. The therapist holds the candle throughout the entire treatment. After 10 minutes the ear candle will have burnt down the the safety line and you will then lay on to the other side where the same procedure will be repeated to the other ear.
A very gentle sensation of warmth in the ear region can be felt during the treatment and sometimes an occasional crackling sound can be heard as the ear candle burns.
Then laying comfortably on your back, a gentle face and scalp massage is given to assist the circulatory and lymphatic flow, further enhancing the benefits of the treatment.
The ear passages will then be checked again at the end of the treatment and advice relating to your needs will then be given, with suggestions as to the frequency of future treatments.
Soothing music can be played to enhance the relaxation of the treatment.

The Benefits Of Thermo Auricular Therapy

The candles are impregnated with herbs known for their soothing and calming properties. The aromatic essences of the herbs can help to create a wonderful sense of calm, comfort and deep relaxation. The combination of lying down with the warmth and calm induced by the candles offers a very pleasant and enjoyable treatment.

Please Note..........
BIOSUN ear candles are used in the thermo-auricular therapy treatment as they are certified medical products according to EC guidelines and are of high quality and safety standards. The BIOSUN ear candles are handmade using pesticide-free, untreated, cotton and pure, natural regularly tested ingredients.

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